Recent Publications

Below is a list of 2019-21 publications by University of Guelph faculty who are members of BiRN (in alphabetical order). The list includes research related to biodiversity and biodiveristy resilience as well as interdisciplinary work.


Madhur Anand

Local lockdowns outperform global lockdown on the far side of the COVID-19 epidemic curve | PNAS


Nicholas Bernier

Temporal profiles of cortisol accumulation and clearance support scale cortisol content as an indicator of chronic stress in fish


Chris Caruso

Global gene flow releases invasive plants from environmental constraints on genetic diversity | PNAS


Karl Cottenie

Floods homogenize aquatic communities across time but not across space in a Neotropical floodplain


Kari Dunfield

Bacterial Endophytes: Diversity, Fuctional Importance, and Potential for Manipulation


Evan Fraser

How climatic and sociotechnical factors influence crop production: a case study of canola production | SpringerLink


John Fryxell

Temperature triggers a non‐linear response in resource–consumer interaction strength - Betini - 2019 - Ecosphere - Wiley Online Library


Robert Hanner

Vague labelling laws and outdated fish naming lists undermine seafood market transparency in Canada - ScienceDirect


Paul Hebert

A survey of True flies (Insecta: Diptera) by DNA Barcoding of Malaise Trap Collection in Bangladesh (


Andreas Heyland

Mass Transfer and Flow Characterization of Novel Algae Based Nutrient Removal System


Brian Husband

The role of multiple reproductive barriers: strong post-pollination interactions govern cytotype isolation in a tetraploid–octoploid contact zone 


Fred Laberge

Isolating the effects of ontogenetic niche shift on brain size development using pumpkinseed sunfish ecotypes - Axelrod - 2020 - Evolution & Development - Wiley Online Library


Jana Levison

Groundwater-surface water interactions and agricultural nutrient transport in a Great Lakes clay plain system - ScienceDirect


Hafiz Maherali

Variation in mycorrhizal growth response influences competitive interactions and mechanisms of plant species coexistence | SpringerLink


Andrew MacDougall

Global impacts of fertilization and herbivore removal on soil net nitrogen mineralization are modulated by local climate and soil properties - Risch - 2020 - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library


Kevin McCann

Landscape modification and nutrient‐driven instability at a distance


Robert L McLaughlin

Is there an impact of behaviour on trapping migratory invasive sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus)? (


Amy Newman

Into the wild: microbiome transplant studies need broader ecological reality


Ryan Norris

Climate‐driven carry‐over effects negatively influence population growth rate in a food‐caching boreal passerine


Ryan Prosser

A probabilistic risk assessment of microplastics in soil ecosystems - ScienceDirect


Nigel Raine

Neonicotinoid exposure affects foraging, nesting, and reproductive success of ground-nesting solitary bees - Abstract - Europe PMC


Beren Robinson

Low connectivity between sympatric populations of sunfish ecotypes suggests ecological opportunity contributes to diversification | SpringerLink


Neil Rooney

Geography and Morphology Affect the Ice Duration Dynamics of Northern Hemisphere Lakes Worldwide - Warne - 2020 - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library


Alex M Smith

Functional and genetic diversity changes through time in a cloud forest ant assemblage - Warne - 2020 - Biotropica - Wiley Online Library


Dirk Steinke

 At each site its diversity: DNA barcoding reveals remarkable earthworm diversity in neotropical rainforests of French Guiana | bioRxiv