Resilience Podcast, Ep. 1: Dr. Evan Fraser




At the Biodiversity Resilience Network (BiRN), we are always looking for new opportunities for outreach. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Resilience and Sustainability podcast. Each week, our host Robyn McCann will be speaking to a faculty member involved with the initiative to look at how their research promotes ecological resilience.

In this pilot episode, McCann speaks to geographer Evan Fraser about an article of his recently published in The Conversation. In the article, Fraser discusses how the covid-19 outbreak demonstrates the instability inherent in over-reliance on global supply chains for food. Furthermore, Fraser discusses how an increasing move to “eat local” might make citizens more resilient amid future disruptions to the global economy through things like climate change.

Please listen to our discussion, and check out Dr. Fraser’s article, with the links below:




The Conversation article:


Dr. Fraser’s webpage: