Wetland destruction and the loss of biodiversity

September 14, 2020

 In a recent report, the World Wildlife Federation has brought attention to some of the negative externalities on the environment that result from human activity. Specifically, the Living Planet Report looks at the extent to which freshwater biodiversity has been undermined in recent years.



The report details how industrialization has occured in tandem with considerable environmental degradation. For instance, in the past fifty years, global populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish have suffered an average two-thirds decline. These more recent developments reflect a longer term trend towards environmental degradation since the industrial revolution, wherein the overwhelming majority of the world's wetlands have been lost. The report also states, however, that the trend is reversible, contingent on governments implementing necessary regulations to protect the environment.


To read the report, or a more extensive summary from Ooksa News, please check out the links below: