Seafood Sustainability Research Covered in National Geographic

Sockeye salmon are a highly sought after seafood and often not considered to be part of the massive international seafood fraud circuit. Nonetheless, the global movement of seafood, and sockeye salmon, places them at risk of fraud, fish sold as sockeye may indeed be something else (like lower valued pick salmon) or fish marked as USA caught may be from an entriely different place globally. The issue is vexing as ill-informed consumers in the supply chain cannot make a decision about purchasing, or not purchasing, an overfished population if they do not know thats what they are buying. With a growing population of people that want to safeguard against overexplitation of biofiversity and natural resources high information markets may add the resilience and sustainability of biodiversity globally.

Dr. Kevin Cazelles, PDF, and Food from Thought researchers Drs. Bob Hanner and Kevin McCann are covered in a recent National Geographic article by Rene Ebersole that explores this idea for the case of sockeye slamonids.  For the link to national geo article follow:

Further for tips on how to make sure your buying sustainable salmon see:




Sockeye drawing by Caden McCann