On the potential for debunking seafood fraud through e-DNA barcoding

March 17, 2021

Often, the fish you think you are eating for dinner might not actually be that fish at all. In a recent article for The Guardian, environmental journalist Stephen Leahy looks specifically at the issue of seafood mislabeling both in Canada and abroad.



In the article, Mr. Leahy looks at a recent study, which suggests that one in three seafood products are mislabeled. The article subsequently looks at how the seafood company Organic Ocean have collaborated with faculty member Robert Hanner, who uses e-DNA barcoding to determine the species of fish. While companies like Organic Ocean are trying to conduct their business more sustainably, “seafood fraud” remains a rampant problem in the industry at large, and the article ends by discussing how Canadian regulations in this area fall short of already wanting European Union and American standards.

To read the article, which spotlights work being done in collaboration with Hanner lab, please check out the link below:

Fish detectives: the sleuths using ‘e-DNA’ to fight seafood fraud