News: COVID-19 and biodiversity

July 27, 2020


Currently, COVID-19 is relatively contained within Canada. However, the virus remains a massive public health issue in the wider world. This week, BiRN spotlights two articles on the pandemic as it relates to biodiversity.




"Ecology and Economics for Pandemic Prevention" looks at how loss of biodiversity is correlated with increased spread of the virus. Specifically, authors Hannah et al. look at how increased conservation and foresting could serve as an ecological guard against future pandemics. The original article in Science, as well as a news-piece in The Guardian, are included at the following links.


Meanwhile, BiRN has also published an article by BSc student Diego Steed. In his article, Diego looks at similar issues, for instance how deforestation leads to increased disease spread through closer proximity between humans and animals (e.g. pangolins). Diego's piece is included at the link below.