Fisheries restoration potential, new article from McCann lab

September 22, 2020

Economic and environmental concerns are sometimes thought to be antithetical. A new article by Dr. Kevin McCann and PhD student Carling Bieg, however, debunks this notion. Specifically, Bieg and McCann look at how more sustainable fishing practices can also be more economical.




In the article, "Fisheries restoration potential", Bieg and McCann look at how casting a wide net has negatively impacted species biodiversity in water bodies like the Tonle Sap in Cambodia. In an effort to maximize productivity, generalized fishing practices have led to the undermining of more valuable endangered species, and proliferation of less valuable common species. Ultimately, the authors argue for a smarter fisheries model that, in preserving species biodiversity, would be more sustainable and, over the long term, more profitable.

To read Bieg and McCann's article, originally published in Food Webs, please check the link below: