Everything is connected: climate change influencing destabilizing migration trends in South Asia

December 18, 2020

Sometimes it is overlooked how global phenomena are interconnected. In a recent article, journalist Megan Rowling covered increasing climate change, and how it is causing increased migration in South Asia.



Ms. Rowling’s article begins by looking at how climate change has already led 18 million in South Asia to uproot, and how this number is set to increase to 63 million in the coming decades. With climate change causing floods and draughts in this part of the world, millions of people from rural regions will be forced to migrate to cities and live in precarious conditions. The article ultimately refers to Harjeet Singh, of the non-governmental organization ActionAid, who claims these instances of instability require Western nations to curb emissions and provide development aid to South Asia.

To read Ms. Rowling’s article, please check out the link below: