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Sustainable farming in an interconnected world

June 5, 2020 —   Recently, UofG professor Kevin McCann published an article, "How we're turning local environmental problems into global issues by engineering nature", in The Conversation. In the article, McCann looks at how certain agricultural processes are causing negative externalities on a global scale, for example run-off from farms leading to ecological "dead zones" caused by algae build-up in water bodies. Ultimately,...

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Supply chains, coronavirus and the food dilemma

March 23, 2020 — Supply chains, coronavirus and the food dilemma   In the past few weeks, the rapid spread of coronavirus (covid-19) has impacted human health and simultaneously disrupted the global economy. The coronavirus started in China, before spreading to Europe and the Middle East, and has now become a full-fledged pandemic. As people take shelter in their homes, governments around the world...

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Seafood and Market Misinformation

January 24, 2020 — Seafood and Market Misinformation Not long ago, Drs. Tim Bartley and Robert Hanner were discussing the dream of producing a globally sustainable seafood market in a time when fraudulent activity and lack of market information seems rampant (i.e., both species and the geographical origin of species are obscured in the seafood market). After reading Dr. Bartley’s thesis on aquatic food web structure...

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